Chemistry and Pharmaceutics


Modern Chemistry and Pharmaceutics have showed substantial growth for the recent decades. Wide use of decanter centrifuges has contributed a lot to make this growth happen, having met the challenges of different tasks: liquids and mixtures separation, grading, dewatering and extraction of solid substances.


Apart from traditional solutions, our company offers the following solutions for chemical and pharmaceutics industries:

  • decanter centrifuges made of special wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant materials (operation in corrosive environment);
  • decanter centrifuges for operation in ATEX zone;
  • decanter centrifuges separating screens for mineral processing.


Performance capabilities of decanter centrifuges for chemical and pharmaceutics industries:

  • residuals dewatering;
  • PVC dewatering;
  • minerals processing;
  • separation of different types of plastics - recycling;
  • extraction and purification of solvents;
  • emulsions processing;
  • alkaline salts extraction;
  • seaweeds processing;
  • and more.


Benefits from the use of decanter centrifuges in chemical and pharmaceutics industries:

  • reduced expenses due to optimized work process and improved standardization;
  • gas-proof version for operation in explosion hazardous ATEX zones;
  • advanced wear-resistance and corrosion-resistance for corrosive environment operations;
  • round-the-clock operation;
  • lower maintanance costs;
  • compact design: less room needed;
  • compatibility with existing workflow;
  • quality "made in Germany" high reliability and long service life.


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