Food production and milk processing


The technology of mechanical separation has many-year history.

Having constantly been upgraded, separation equipment has been used for milk processing for centuries.
Decanter centrifuges are successfully used for milk processing, production of butter, milk fat, cream cheese, baker's cheese, wheat powder, soy milk, soy protein, fish-oil, fish-flour and many other nutrition products.


Decanter centrifuges and other food production equipment offered by our company aim primarily to achieve work process optimization, high efficiency and low operational costs.


Proposed solutions of mechanical separation for milk processing allow performing effectively the following operations on an industrial scale:

  • milk skimming;
  • lactose and casein production; 
  • whey purification and skimming;
  • milk pasteurization;
  • dewatering of residue remained after clarification;
  • milk production waste water treatment;


Milk processing is not the only area of application for mechanical separation equipment.

Basic fields of application of decanter centrifuges in food production:

  • milk processing;
  • cheese production (cottage cheese, cream cheese, baker's cheese);
  • top-quality fish-oil, fish protein and fish-flour production;
  • top-quality surimi (fish paste);
  • meat by-products manufacture (e.g. edible fat, commercial grease, gelatin, protein hydrolysate etc.);
  • protein extraction (potato protein, rice protein, soy protein);
  • starch production (wheat starch and gluten, corn starch, potato starch, rice starch, tapioca/cassava starch);
  • ethanol production (from starch-containing and sugar-containing products);
  • production of bakery yeast, lysine, ribonucleic acid (RNA), yeast extract;
  • and more.


Advantages of decanter centrifuges for beverage production:

  • reduced expenses due to optimized work process and improved standardization;
  • constant quality;
  • low energy costs and environmental friendliness;
  • reduced expenses for waste water treatment;
  • touch sensor display: easy control;
  • round-the-clock operation;
  • lower maintanance costs;
  • compact design: less room needed;
  • compatibility with existing workflow;
  • enhanced product yield and its consistently high quality;
  • high hygienic standards;
  • high reliability and long service life.


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