Decanter centrifuges


A decanter centrifuge is a device, which employs a centrifugal force to separate components of different densities (liquids as well as solids).  This becomes relevant in the majority of industrial jobs, and owing to their simple design and operational flexibility, currently decanter centrifuges are substituting traditional methods of filtration.


Decanter centrifuges are generally used for the following applications: solids dewatering (sludge and suspensions), clarification of liquids, sludge thickening, solids grading by size and density, and separation of mixtures on two and more phases by density.


By seeking our assistance you can count on getting customized, innovative up-to-date equipment with similar, and often more advanced characteristics than global businesses are able to provide.

Our company offers decanter centrifuges in two-phase version (two-phase raw material separation by density), three-phase version (three-phase raw material separation by density) as well as hybrid version (with an option to do either two-phase or three-phase separation). 


Decanter centrifuges are widely used in modern industries. To find out more about field of application.

Equipment essential characteristics:

  • quality "made in Germany";
  • state-of-the art design and compact size;
  • flexibility (high-effective control with advanced electric drive Dualdrive, two-phase, three-phase or hybrid version);
  • high efficiency (high performance with reduced expenses);
  • broad range (bowl diameter 230-800 mm);
  • protection up to full armoring, depending on the separated material;
  • capacity 1-150 m3/hr.




State-of-the-art high-speed decanter centrifuges that we offer feature the highest wear-resistance providing durable reliable performance.


Other significant advantages of decanter centrifuges we offer:

  • advanced torque-dependant drive control enabling efficient separation;
  • round-the-clock operation;
  • touch sensor control;
  • low electricity costs and reduced flocculant consumption;
  • approved accessories with famous "made in Germany" quality;
  • the best quality-to-price ratio.


To achieve best possible results in various applications we also offer customized solutions based on many-year experience in different parts of the globe.


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Benefit for our customers:

  • top-of-the-line wear-resistance: durable reliable operation;
  • advanced torque-dependant drive control: efficient separation;
  • round-the-clock-operation: reduced labor costs;
  • up-to-date touch sensor control: easy and simple control;
  • low consumption of electricity and floculant: low operational costs;
  • quality "made in Germany";
  • reliable service and technical support: long service life.